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  • Charles Jones

    Hi Daan!

    01: You can do this for each page in the page options (see screenshot).

    02: Sign up for a Free Account a Typekit.com and use Atrament and Proxima Nova with the the selectors referenced in the screenshots (see screenshots).

    03: Try adding/editing a snippet like this to your Appearance > Theme Options > Styling/Skining panel (scroll to the bottom):

    .sf-menu {
      margin-top: 11% !important;


    Comment posted September 20, 2013

  • Daan ten Kroode
    Hi there, I have some short questions: 1: I would like to remove the pagetitle on all pages. Is there a way to do it in theme options or is it done by custom css? 2: How can I get the same font as in the Live Preview? 3: Is there a way to make the header navigation float at the same hight as the log that's used? Please let me know. Regards

    Comment posted September 20, 2013

Created  September 20, 2013
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