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Debugging Error after installing included plugins


  • MLCJAX started the conversation

    Passage theme was purchased, downloaded and installed. An attempt to install the plugins that came with the theme was initiated, but while installing the site crashed and gave the error: 

    "There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress."

    We are now unable to login to our wordpress account to correct anything and are trying to isolate which plugin may have caused this issue so that once it is restored by the host we can avoid this error going forward. 

    Are there any known compatibility issues with the plugins included with this theme and other plugins that could have been installed? 

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    Charles replied

    Hi MLCJAX,

    First off, thanks for reaching out and I apologize for the issue you ran into. Let's start from the top.

    Quick fix for this situation is usually > Login to FTP > Rename /wp-content/plugins/ folder to /wp-content/plugins-HOLD/ (or some other name), it should deactivate all of your plugins (but keep in mind, step 1 mentioned to backup is always the first step before making changes). Next, once you have access, you can rename all children in the plugin folder, revert the parent folder, then revert one (or a few) at a time to isolate the issue. 

    That said, I have not personally found any compatibility issue with the existing plugin set, so I will also work on setting up a clean install on my side to test. From there, here are the initial items that come to mind regarding this scenario (which admittedly I have not seen in the past): 

    1. If you are not already, I recommend following best practice when making changes to your site by backing up, and if possible working on a dev/stage/localhost env. I put a high level video together for MDNW a while back (and there are more indepth and current videos that you can check out on Google/Youtube regarding this) -

    , or you can use a hosting service or plugin to manage this (for example, we use WP Engine which backs up daily and can be backed up on demand, but there are other great alternatives out there). 

    2. I'll need to take a closer look to verify if I can replicate, but have not recently experienced any issues with plugin installation. That said, I'll offer some suggestions (although keep in mind without replicating, I'm a bit blind)

    3. Via FTP navigate to wp-config.php to define('WP_DEBUG', true); > Then load your site to see if the error is visible.

    4. Check your Cpanel for errors, and/or with your hosting service, to confirm if there are any logs or visibility into the error.

    5. From there, not all hosts treat WP installs the same, so commonly I need to point users with possible hosting/install constraints to this FAQ - https://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/3794/

    6. Last resort: That said, again, I've not see this with the plugin install. If you are still having issues with an active install (and would like me to take a look), that you are able to make changes on (not production), please let me know and include some additional detail (on a private response or ticket) including 1) steps to replicate, 2) wp login and 3) ftp login. I can't make any promises that I will be able to find the issue, but I'm happy to take a look. That said, the suggestions provided above are where I would start, and you will have more info to work with your host than I will. 

    Best Regards,

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  • MLCJAX replied

    Thanks. I have currently worked around this by having the host restore the site and created a staging website and will circle back to this when needed.