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webpages are not resizing according to devices used


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    cbctheme started the conversation

    When I click on the frontpage of our church website https://www.cbc4me.org/, I noticed on a 13 inch laptop that if I use 

    For Google chome, the zoom should be set to 75-80% to the see the main page image completely

    For Microsoft Edge, the zoom should be set to 67% to the see the main page image completely

    For Firefox, the zoom should be set to 67% to the see the main page image completely

    I wonder why it is not automatically resizing to correct size based on the laptop size and the browser type. Is there any setting missing on the new theme update? 

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    Charles replied

    Hey there,

    It's a great question and involves some consideration depending on the approach you are going with regarding your slider.

    If you are happy with the current approach of having the information in the slide as a part of the background-image, then you'll want to start looking into the Slider Settings to set this up to your liking (screenshot attached) where you can (to some extent) manage the slider setting for a given viewport size. 

    That said, though, I would personally suggest having the background-image as "non-essential" where it adds context/color/etc, but adding the information that you want to present as a "layer" in the slide it's self. This approach gives more control regarding positioning of information within the content frame. Rough screenshot attached (I'm in a staging server today working on updates, so it may look slightly different on your end). 

    Hope that helps,

    Attached files:  Slider-Settings.png