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After theme upgrade, some sections not working correctly


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    cbctheme started the conversation

    We just upgraded the theme from 1.0.2 to using the FTP method by overwriting the files in the "passage" directory.

    Now I noticed couple issues

    1) On our website (http://www.cbc4me.org) the second menu item is "SERMONS", when you hover the mouse over this item, you will see a pop-up that has ( authors, sermon series, sermon topics, etc). This pop-up page looks awful as compared to the one we had in version 1.0.2. We have to fix this issue immediately before its too late.  

    2) When we go to the website (http://www.cbc4me.org)  on Apple devices, I noticed that all the webpages freezes completely. As you know that 50% of the mobile devices are Apple products in the market, that means we wont be able to reach to 50% of the user base. 

    Can you please look into these issues and provide us with necessary patches to fix these issues.

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    Charles replied

    Hi cbctheme,

    Thanks for the questions.

    01 - Navigate to WP Admin panel > Max Mega Menu > Menu Themes > and select the Passage theme (if it is not already). Next, if that does not resolve the issue, navigate from there into Mega Menus and set the Outer Width to "#section-header .sixteen.columns" and Inner Width to "100%". Screenshot attached for context. 

    02 - Navigate to WP Admin panel > Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Options > and set Nice Scroll to OFF. 

    Let me know if that helps with these issues. 

    Best Regards,

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    cbctheme replied


    Thank you for the responses.

    1) I'm unable to open your attachment for this issue, can you please reattach your file again. In any case I went to Navigate to WP Admin panel > Max Mega Menu > Menu Themes, there I do not see Passage Theme. Secondly I do not see Outer Width in the Mega Menus

    2) Nice Scroll: The current setting for Nice Scroll is already set to ON, so I turned OFF and then turned back ON, still the scrolling freezes on Safari on Apple devices.

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    cbctheme replied


    I misunderstood your response to the Nice Scroll issue, but once I re-read your response, I changed the Nice Scroll to OFF and now I'm able to scroll on the apple devices. Thanks for your help.

    As for the Mega Max Menu, please look at the 2 files I attached in my last response, I dont see Passage as the theme and there is no option to change it. 

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    Charles replied

    Hey there, 

    Sure, re-attaching. The second screenshot that you sent has "Default" set, so you would want to change that to "Passage".

    If the Passage theme does not exist in the Menu Themes, let me know and I can double check on my end (since the WP theme includes an entry for this), but in anycase you can always re-import the Menu theme if needed. Here is the Json if you want to re-import (but check first that it is not there): 

    {"title":"Passage","menu_item_align":"right","menu_item_background_hover_from":"rgba(51, 51, 51, 0)","menu_item_background_hover_to":"rgba(51, 51, 51, 0)","menu_item_highlight_current":"off","panel_width":"#section-header .sixteen.columns","panel_header_border_color":"#555","panel_font_size":"14px","panel_font_color":"#666","panel_font_family":"inherit","panel_second_level_font_color":"#555","panel_second_level_font_color_hover":"#555","panel_second_level_text_transform":"uppercase","panel_second_level_font":"inherit","panel_second_level_font_size":"16px","panel_second_level_font_weight":"bold","panel_second_level_font_weight_hover":"bold","panel_second_level_text_decoration":"none","panel_second_level_text_decoration_hover":"none","panel_second_level_border_color":"#555","panel_third_level_font_color":"#666","panel_third_level_font_color_hover":"#666","panel_third_level_font":"inherit","panel_third_level_font_size":"14px","flyout_width":"150px","flyout_link_size":"14px","flyout_link_color":"#666","flyout_link_color_hover":"#666","flyout_link_family":"inherit","responsive_breakpoint":"600px","shadow_color":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)","resets":"on","mobile_columns":"2","toggle_background_from":"#222","toggle_background_to":"#222","mobile_background_from":"#222","mobile_background_to":"#222","mobile_menu_item_link_font_size":"14px","mobile_menu_item_link_color":"#ffffff","mobile_menu_item_link_text_align":"left","mobile_menu_item_link_color_hover":"#ffffff","mobile_menu_item_background_hover_from":"rgba(51, 51, 51, 0)","mobile_menu_item_background_hover_to":"rgba(51, 51, 51, 0)","custom_css":"#{$wrap} #{$menu} {\r\n    \/** Custom styles should be added below this line **\/\r\n}\r\n#{$wrap} {\r\n    clear: both;\r\n}"}

    ^ Copy and paste this in Max Mega Menu > Menu Themes > click on the 3 dots next to the menu theme > Import a theme. 

    Let me know where that leaves you. 


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    cbctheme replied

    I think the update ( took out the Passage Theme from Max Mega Menu Theme...

    in any case after I imported the theme and changed the 

    WP Admin panel > Appearance > Menus > Max Mega Menu Settings > Primary Menu theme is set to "Passage (imported)" and 

    WP Admin panel > Max Mega Menu > Menu Themes to "Passage (imported)"

    I see the Sermon pop-up being fixed from the issue I reported earlier. But still see couple of issue with these pop-up menus ( under "I'm New" and "Sermons" menu items on our website http://www.cbc4me.org )

    1) When I hover the mouse on these two menu items, the pop-shows up correctly, but completely overlaps the webpage, basically the pop-up size should be little smaller than what it is showing now. Please look at the attachment  "pop-up-overlaps-the-webpage.png".

    2) The hot links within the pop-up menu ( Sermon Series, Sermon Topic and others ) dont show as active links in blue color 

    3) Also when I did the import the theme showed up as "Passage (imported)", but in your screen shots it shows as "Passage (Primary Menu)". Should I worry about it?

    4) Is the theme using the Sticky Header Menu? When I look at WP Admin panel > Appearance > Menus  under Manage Location tab it shows for Sticky Header Menu "install and activate Responsive Menu location here". What should I do here? Please see the attachment "sticky-header-menu.png"

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    Charles replied

    Hi there, 

    01 - Mega Menu Hover State: I'm not sure I fully follow what the endgoal is, but I believe you are having issues with the vertical spacing, where the mega menu is displayed south of the viewport fold. The mega menu styling for this theme is to take up the content container (horizontally) and allow for as much information as needed vertically. That said, the spacing between the primary menu and the mega menu does seem to have a gap for your usage, so I would personally suggest starting by moving the mega menu (hover state) up a bit. A quick solution to this is to add the following css to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS: 

    #page #section-super-header #section-header .mega-sub-menu {
        margin-top: 5.5rem !important;

    (and modify as needed). 

    Beyond that, I may need some clarity on what you would like to modify to adjust this. 

    02 - Theme styles was to maintain the link color for both static and hover state. If you'd like to change this, I would normally point you to Appearance > Customize > Primary Menu > Sub-Menu-Item:Hover to update this. That said, it looks like this may have since been updated to a global menu item (and therefore affect all list items within the sub-menu-item hover state). So for Now, I'd suggest adding something quick, like the following, to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS: 

    #page #section-super-header #site-navigation ul.mega-sub-menu li.mega-menu-item a:hover {
        color: #0B9FD0 !important;

    (Updating the Hex code with what you have as your primary or secondary color). 

    03 - Nope, should not be an issue. This is just the Max Mega Menu "Theme" label, all the styles I provide in the Json (which are also included in the theme by default, again not sure why this is not showing up on yours) are used in the demo, so it's just a selector/label. 

    04 - That is odd.. My guess is there is another plugin, like "WP Customizer Area Navigation Menu" (or the plugin that added that entry - not theme included) that is throwing off this off. I'd suggest deactivating that plugin if it's not necessary. Alternatively, consider that last entry (which is inline with the mobile menu) to be the sticky header menu (see screenshot). Should just be a backend styling issue when that other plugin is installed.

    Let me know if that helps, and if there are still outlying questions that I can help with. 

    Best Regards,

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    Charles replied

    adding one screenshot for context regarding 02 below

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