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The Event Calender


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    m_deaton started the conversation

    I cannot get The Event Calender plug to work correctly.

    It won't link to the map and also I used this theme last summer and I could select a background color behind the dates for the widget.

    Do I need to buy an updated plugin to use this time?

    Thank You,


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    Charles replied

    Hi Melanie, 

    I am checking into this on your site, but cannot seem to replicate (I am using Windows 10, FF, accessing this page to view the map associated with the event http://l50.0d3.myftpupload.com/event/awana-4/). 

    If you are still having issues with this, can you please include some additional details on how to replicate, including some screenshots?

    As for the background, if you'd like to customize the background of the event information background (details/map), you may consider approaching this with some custom CSS added to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS: 

    body.single-tribe_events .tribe-events-event-meta {
        background: #afafaf;
        border: 1px solid #eee;

    Best Regards,

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    m_deaton replied


    I was able to resolve this issue.

    Thanks A Bunch,