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Scrolling problem on iOS


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    Charlie started the conversation

    I submitted this ticket privately 5 days ago, and I have received nothing, not even an acknowledgement it was received. Is anybody here? Where else am I supposed to go for help?


    We've been having a problem with our website ever since iOS devices updated to iOS13. The problem is that the site won't scroll on iOS with one finger - it requires 2 fingers. I've tried a million things to fix it, including toggling the Nice Scroll option, and I just can't get it to work. I've created a bare bones sandbox site (http://hne.26d.myftpupload.com/), in which I'm trying to get scrolling to work... I've deleted all the content from the site and started over with a clean installation of the theme, which I today purchased myself - it was a web design company who purchased it when the site was originally created. However, even that site still won't scroll with 1 finger on iOS when using the Passage theme. When I switch the sandbox site to a different theme, however, it scrolls with 1 finger.  What am I missing in the Passage theme that is causing this problem? Thank you for your prompt reply.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Charlie, 

    Thanks for following up with me on this, and I apologize for the delay. I am checking your example url now on iOS 13.3, and scrolling with one finger is currently working.

    Can you let me know if I am missing something, or if you have been able to get this to work?


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    Charlie replied

    Yes, it is working now! Did someone on your end fix something?? That's great news!

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    Charles replied

    Hi There, 

    I wish I could say that I helped contribute to the fix, but I've not pushed any theme upgrades to Themeforest during this window. Glad to hear it's working again!

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    Sharvette replied

    Hello! I am having the iOS scrolling issue on the Polytechnic theme also.  https://www.westinstructionalservices.net/product-category/july-exam/