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url rewrite


  • ismail sahin started the conversation


    How can I change this url? I cant found any page and config.

    Please check image.

    Thank you

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    Charles replied

    Hi There, 

    The theme/plugin does not include an option out of the box to re-write this URL, so if you would like to Re-write this URL, you'll need to either update the plugin file(s) where this is declared (not recommended), create a function to override this and add it to your child theme's functions.php file (https://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/1439/), or update your .htaccess file.

    Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of standard theme support, but there is plenty of documentation and examples of this out there. Here is just one example of many - https://zemez.io/wordpress/support/knowledge-base/changing-custom-post-type-slug/ Also, in case it helps, this is being declared in wp-content/plugins/polytechnic-courses/polytechnic-courses.php on line 45. 

    Kind Regards,