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Tophat dropdown menu can't be scrolled on mobile device


  • 3plepix started the conversation

    Hi Charles.

    On mobile device, it seems that when the tophat dropdown menu is open, it can't be scrolled down.

    Can you please advice what settings should I look into? Thanks.

  • 3plepix replied

    Hi Charles,

    I have identified the issue there. The tophat dropdown menu can only be scrolled down if the link has http. If it uses https, it cant be scrolled.

    Can you suggest anything that I can do to fix this? The website https://www.akademibinaan.com.my/wp/abm/ is installed on https by the way.


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    Charles replied

    Hi There, 

    Try turning off NiceScroll to see if that helps in Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Options > NiceScroll. Beyond that, I'm unaware of anything with SSL that would cause this.