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Refund my amount


  • harsh2339 started the conversation

    i was purchased this theme few days ago after that i was upload my text in website and upload the theme. When i submit this site on Google, they blocked my domain due to malware issue in site. Kindly see the attachment.

    So i need my  money back.

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    Charles replied

    Hi There,

    That is a very bold and serious claim to state that this theme caused this issue. I have been running this theme for multiple projects/servers/clients for years without any issues. 

    To start, I recommend installing a security plugin that will help identify vulnerabilities on your site - this will also help identify any setup configuration, php version, code, plugins, or theme that could be contributing to this.

    From there, can you provide some evidence surrounding why you believe this theme cause a vulnerability where you had bad code injected on your site, and not something else? To isolate the theme, please try running through these standard troubleshooting steps, and using a security plugin to scan your site.


  • harsh2339 replied

    Hi There, 

    Let me try this and will let you know...Soon

    Thanks for your reply.....