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  • Samer2002 started the conversation

    Hello there,

    I've created a fresh installation of WP and used the theme package purchased last month. All of them totally clean. After installing the theme, used the step by step manual for getting the demo in use. But I can't install or find the Visual Composer. When I try to install it with the Zip package, thru Plugins>add new>send plugin it says that js_composer.zip is already installed. But can't find it in the plugins list nor the left menu where it should be. The only visual editor that shows in the left menu is the WPBakery Page Builder that asks to purchase a license to use.

    It's the second time I've made this installation looking to solve this issue and now I'm shure it doesn't come from the installation. Any idea on how to deal with it?

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    Charles replied

    Hi Samerson, 

    Thanks for the question and for providing those details. Visual Composer has been renamed by the author to "WPBakery Page Builder" - but it is one in the same. This plugin can be installed, if not already, after installing the theme > and navigating to Appearance > Install Plugins. From there, it can be activated from the Plugins panel. 

    The plugin is provided through the theme by prompting you to install it (among other plugins) based on what is generally used/recommended with this theme. All plugins included in the Appearance > Install Plugins (or withing the prompt) are showcased in the demo, so if you are following the documentation guide for replicating the demo, installing these plugins is suggested (see documentation for more information). 

    You do not need to activate or provide a license with any plugins provided, see this article for more details -

    Premium Plugins FAQ: Do I need a license code? Need the latest version? Support?

    Let me know if that answers your question. If you still have remaining questions, please let me know. 

    Kind Regards,