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Events Missing


  • scheerc started the conversation

    Wordpress automatically updated to the newest version. Since the update, the site lost the "Upcoming Events" list that was at the bottom of the home page next to sermons. I added a different sermons plugin that suited our needs better. I don't believe that the 3rd party sermons plugin has anything to do with the events not appearing. I noticed that this theme hasn't been updated for a year! Is the passage theme dead? No More Updates to support newer versions of Wordpress??? 

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    Charles replied

    Hi There,

    From my end, it looks like doesn't look like there is any markup in that sidebar. Check the following: 

    1. The module used to add the sidebar is in the page, and confirm what sidebar is assigned
    2. The sidebar has not been reset, and still has content

    It's possible that you need to add a new module to call the sidebar, or you might need to rebuild the sidebar, but nothing has changed on the theme side, so I'm not sure why this is happening in your case. I don't have any other reports of this, and it is still working on my dev/demo site(s). 

    If you are still having issues, please include the complete build that you are using, and the following: 

    Theme Version
    The Events Calendar Version - Plugin
    Passage Addons Version - Plugin

    Kind Regards,