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I can not use front end and back end editor of Visual Composer


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    Hello Team, 

    The person who worked before on our website purchased polytechnic theme from themeforest in 2016. He/she worked on the theme using Visual Composer and customized it accordingly. We would like to upadte it using visual composer. But unfortunately we can not use it for some reason. 

    The current version is 12.4 polytechnic theme and the visual composer wp beakery plugin is 4.9.1 

    How can we preserve the previous customization which is the current website and update to latest theme, and visual composer.

    The outcome we would like to see is 

    Save all the content, layout, images of the current website and update it to the latest polytechnic theme version 1.3.6 and be able to use WPBakery Visual Composer 5.2 and Revolution slider

    We would also like to purchase the extended support or anything that is need to make our website the best it can be...

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    ID:  sjiswebmaster


     To submit the ticket we have to make purchase of theme again. We have the theme already in our system.

    Please let us know the next steps.


    Thank you 

    Naga Chelle

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    Charles replied

    Hi Naga Chelle, 

    Thanks for reaching out. There are several things to consider when updating major plugins and the theme, especially if you are not the one who build out the site, since many developers have different practices when it comes to putting together client sites.

    Time To UPDATE The Theme? Great Idea!

    How to Update Premium Plugins

    Everything should be covered in those articles, but here are some additional notes:

    First, I should be clear that some of this does reach beyond the scope of support, since there may be installation configurations, theme customizations, 3rd party plugins and integrations and other considerations, but I'm happy to provide what I can from a theme standpoint.

    Next I recommend backing up your site regularly, and before any major update. WP Engine (hosting service) offers a one-click backup and restore. There are also some plugins out there that will do this, or you can do this manually - Here's a basic tutorial from a while back, the concepts are the same -

    You'll also want to confirm if the dev used a child theme - you can do this by checking the wp-content/themes directory, or check Appearance > Themes to see if one is indicates. Backing up and restoring is your responsibility.

    From there, you can update the plugins and theme manually one-at-a-time. Download the complete theme-download-package from themeforest (https://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/4242/). For plugins, navigate to WP Polytechnic > Resources > Plugins. You can extract those and upload them via FTP (overriding the original plugin version (which I also recommend backing up). The theme is in WP Polytechnic > Theme Files. 

    If it's been awhile, there is a possibility that VC or the theme has deprecated certain elements... that's the nature of maintaining a WP site over the years. The elements likely just need to be re-build with updated builds (some times its a easy as updating the shortcode names).

    From there, that's all I can do from a theme standpoint. There is a newer version of VC that I will be rolling out with the theme, but that will likely be a few weeks as I am traveling through Sept. You might also be interested in having VC auto update, which you can do (but it's not required) - more info.

    Good luck!

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