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  • khaza_moine started the conversation

    hello sir,

    I don't find the full and complete documentation of my campus theme in my zip file. please help me in sending the complete documentation required to develop the theme. 

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    Charles replied

    Hi There, 

    Check out this Article on how to download and extract the documentation. You will need to be able to extract that documentation from the zip to be able to access the other related files.

    Kind Regards,

  • khaza_moine replied

    I extracted the zip file sir. I found one PDF which consist of documentation.

    ok that was fine.

    But.? In that PDF file there is no complete documentation provided. only installation process is available in that.

    I did not find the complete and full documentation of my campus theme with its features.. 

    I am not understanding of how to use features provided in the theme.so please provide the documentation file like how other themes provide so called INDEX.HTML file

    Thank you 

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    Charles replied

    Hi khaza_moine,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to provide any additional information that is not covered in the documentation. 

    The vast majority of all customization supported in the theme can be managed in Appearance > Theme Options.

    Sidebars that are included in the theme can be found in Appearance > Widgets. 

    Importing the demo-content will provide you with all of the pages, posts, and menus included in the theme. These functions are all native to WordPress, so you can find these in Pages, Posts and Appearance > Menus.

    Importing the demo-content will also include shortcodes for pages that are built with Visual Composer (ie. WPBakery Page Builder). This plugin is included with the theme. You can find the Visual Composer page builder already enabled on pages. If you have issues or want this enabled for Posts, you can do so in the WPBakery Page Builder settings panel.

    Revolution Slider is also included, which can be managed via the Revolution Slider menu item. This plugin can get complex, so the theme-download-package includes a starting/demo slider to get you started. I'd recommend importing this slider, creating a clone and going from there. Again, you can navigate to any page with this slider to identify how it's being added. There is also documentation for this plugin provided in Campus WP > Resources > Sliders > Revolutions Slider Documentation. 

    That pretty much covers it. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. 

    Kind Regards,

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