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Demo Content Is Too Large To Upload & Cannot Get Home Page To Display Properly


  • James started the conversation

    I have been trying to upload the theme demo content and the importer only accepts files of 2 MB or smaller but the demo content supplied with this theme is 2.9 MB and cannot be uploaded.

    Also the home page for this theme is not displaying properly on my website instead it looks like a bunch of shortcode and other text and code.

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    Charles replied

    Hi James, 

    Thanks for the questions!

    01 - Demo Content Import: This is related to the default limits native to WordPress installs. Check out this article on Troubleshooting the Demo Content Import - specifically 02 on how to increase your limits.

    02 - Home Page - Shortcodes are Displaying: It looks like you were able to work this out from the looks of it (reference 1, reference 2). If you are still having issues with this, please let me know by including steps to reproduce so I can help diagnose. 

    Kind Regards,