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  • tonybathich started the conversation

    How can i add Grid Posts to page, with events excluding future dates!?

    I simply want to display latest events on page (excluding upcoming events)

    thanks in advance,


  • tonybathich replied

    I am succeeding to get the correct category:

    query_posts( $query_string . '&post_type=trive_events

    What's left is how to show "tribe_event_start_date" LESS than current day/time...?

  • tonybathich replied

    In case someone looking for the same solution...

    This is the code that worked for me, see attachment.

    Attached files:  Edit_Page_‹_HOPE_—_WordPress.jpg

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    Charles replied

    Great solution Tony. Sorry for the late reply. The Events Calendar doesn't seem to natively support this, but VC does offer the post grid option which allows for you to build out your own templates/style. Assuming their ability to query custom post types based on date works for you, this is the solution I would recommend.