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Page Menu Highlight When On That Page


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    Becca started the conversation

    Hello, when the page attribute is not listed as a "Default Template" the menu on the actual page is not highlighting. 

    The only thing I changed is the page attribute to "Blog", which caused the page menu to not highlight. When I change it back to "Default Template" it shows correctly.

    The page needs to be set up as template "Blog" and the page menu needs to be highlighted. Please see attached screenshots.

    My site is not live, but I can provide the login credential’s if needed. 


    Attached files:  Principal Desk Menu Highlighted as Default Template.JPG
      Principal Desk Menu Not Highlighted as Blog Template.JPG

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    Becca replied


    Would you please dis-regard this ticket? I went ahead and made this item a no parent page template and took it off of the primary page menu.