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Plus signs instead of Bullets


  • Regina started the conversation


    After I changed the global text, instead of getting bullets I get plus signs.  Sometimes, when I select bullets nothing shows. 


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    Charles replied

    Hi Regina,

    The + sign is the theme style for list items. If you want to change this, you'll need to add some custom css to manage this. This base theme style is what is supported in the theme, and changing this will be a customization that you need to maintain. To get you started, try adding this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS: 

    ul li, ul li.menu-item::before, ul.social li::before, .sf_sb ul li::before, #tribe-events ul li::before, ul li.ui-state-default::before, ul li.product::before, ul.page-numbers li::before, nav .menu ul li.page_item::before, #page .comments-list .children li::before {
        list-style: unset;
    .widget ul li::before, .plussed ul li::before, ul li::before {
        display: none;

    Let me know if that helps

  • Regina replied

    It worked!