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Theme Upgrade/WP Upgrade/Visual Composer


  • Robyn Harper started the conversation

    I prematurely upgraded Wordpress with this site (thought I was on a different site) and now have lost the Visual Composer functionality.

    I see now that VC has been replaced with a better version and the Campus theme also has an update so the best thing to do is to update everything.

    1) Since I cannot use VC at the moment, how do I edit the images in the Nivo slider that I have on the homepage?  The images are random numbers that I cannot seem to correlate to the actual images.  This would be my number 1 issue at the moment as I am able to edit all the other pages and elements on the pages using the backend editor.

    2) I know this is beyond your support services, but how in the world am I to upgrade the is entire site to the newest version of the theme without losing all of the customizations?

    I also plan to enable the SSL on this site, so not sure how this affects the theme.


  • Robyn Harper replied

    I am now seeing all the support topics and will read them over to see if I can get this squared away.  Sorry I didn't see them before  I opened the ticket.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Robyn,

    If you've updated your WP version, then you'll also want to backup and install the latest version of the theme, and included VC version. Currently, this is: 

    Version 3.2.3
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 5.4.5
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider

    And you can find that version of VC in the theme-download-package in Resources/Plugins. There is a newer version of VC out at this time, but it will be a couple of weeks before I roll out an update for this plugin with the theme, since all reports are currently stable.

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