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  • Regina started the conversation

    1. How do I remove default elements from the Polytechnic course pages (i.e., instructor box, search, archives, meta)?  I think these elements are sidebars?!

    Here's the example: https://www.mcquaymartinschool.com/courses/mpa-500-theories-of-public-administration-and-democratic-governance/?preview=true

    2. Also, currently your courses page is a post.php. Can I make the courses page into a regular page?

    3.On another note: I do not want the same header on all pages. I want something smaller...How do I change that?

    If you can provide me with the exact css, I can probably do it. I do not know code. 

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    Charles replied

    1. Courses > open a Course > Theme: Courses Layout Options > set to full width. 

    2. Need more information, steps to reproduce with expected and unexpected behavior. 

    3. The "header" is a general term, but is a global theme element, so you would need to do custom dev depending on your business requirements. If I'm overlooking something here, please include an illustration of your endgoal.

  • Regina replied

    Thank you!  It works!