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Setting up the theme


  • James started the conversation


    I will admit that I'm not a tech guru but I have followed the instructions and run into errors on the first step.  I get an error when importing the xml file and also on the pages screen there are not main pages.  On the revolving slider that cannot be assigned to a page.  See screen shots attached.  Thanks.

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    Charles replied

    Hi James, 

    Thanks for the question. This is pretty common, and is related to the WordPress Importer and likely your install/host limits. Try running through the recommendations I compiled here: Troubleshooting the Demo Content Import

    This is mentioned in Step 0 Recommended Configuration (3rd bullet point - php limitations), but I'll look into updating the documentation file so this article information on demand. 

    After running through that article, please let me know if you are still having issues. 

    Kind Regards,