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semons not loading


  • kait296 started the conversation

    I'm struggling to get our sermons to work properly. They play in the player (most of the time. It seems to be 50/50 if they work or not) the individual pages for the sermons aren't loading at all and just redirect to the front page. I'm unsure what setting I have wrong. Please help.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    Thanks for the question and the link. It's hard to say, but my guess is something is not being loaded (or being loaded that is overriding something here - for example, it seems the JS that controls the player poster when you click play is not responding in the page). I'm also seeing other issues (like font icons not loading) that may be related to this, but I'd start with the following: 

    First run through these Standard Troubleshooting Steps to limit possible outside influences.

    Next, if you're not already, try using one of the included Sermon Players without any modifications. 

    From there, start isolating this down to the media type (YouTube, SelfHosted Video, Audio, ect.), and include some additional information including a temporary login so I can take a quick look.

    Kind Regards,