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Copying Courses


  • Regina started the conversation

    How do I create a copy of a course that I have already created (we can call it a master copy or template for the rest of my courses)?  To keep from creating 17 additional courses from scratch, I want to be able to keep one as the template (or master), copy the content, rename it to a new course (Copy-1, for example), and make changes to the new copy.

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    Charles replied

    This is a personal preference, and not necessarily a theme feature set/flow. 

    I personally use Duplicate Post or some other plugin that allows for Cloning of posts.

    From there, you can use the Visual Composer templates for specific content chunks, but Cloning a post will copy title and all. You'll want to make sure you update the url in the post also - I usually clone the post, open the cloned post, edit the title, remove the url (click okay) which updates the url to your title, then proceed with swapping content, featured image, excerpt, etc.