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  • Regina started the conversation


    How do I create my own template for courses?  I like your theme, but I would like to eliminate some parts of the course details section as I would not require all of it.

    Thank you!!

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    Charles replied

    Hi Regina, 

    This largely depends on your requirements, and which elements you hope to remove. 

    If you referring to the content within the Course post, then you can build/edit/remove any elements using Visual Composer. VC also provides the ability to use their "Template" feature - https://wpbakery.com/features/template-library/ You can choose from theirs or build your own. 

    If you are referring to items that are specific to the theme, then you would need to hide these via CSS or use a child theme to override the existing theme elements. This falls beyond the scope of support, but I've included a starter child theme in the theme-download-package.

    For more information, check out:

    Support Policy

    Child Themes & Template Customization: When Is It Right?

    Kind Regards,