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Too many mobile menus


  • Regina started the conversation

    Hi there! 

    I have too many mobile menus buttons when I view my page from desktop view. On my mobile, I have two mobile menus.  On my desktop version, I have one mobile menu on the left and one mobile menu on the right in addition to the Primary desktop menus and submenus. I do not want any mobile menus on the desktop version, but keep one mobile menu for mobile view.  Where do I go to deactivate both mobile menus for the desktop version and one mobile menu from the mobile version?

  • Regina replied

    I figured it out.  In order for the buttons to disappear on the desktop version, you have to adjust the page width to that of a smaller size to tell the button when to appear. So, I set one menu to appear when the screen is smaller than 767 px and the other menu to 0. 

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    Charles replied

    Hi Regina,

    I only see 1 mobile menu, and it's only visible on mobile... If you are still having issues with this, can you please include a screenshot with steps to replicate so I can help. 

    Kind Regards,


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  • Regina replied

    Charles, see my comment below. I figured it out. Thank you!!

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    Charles replied

    Thanks for the update Regina, looks like I was responding at the same time