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I have just bought Polytechitic, but visual composer is not working


  • Larzemodo started the conversation

    Hi There,

    I have just bought Polytechitic, but when I setup a localhost install of wordpress installed the theme, but when I go to visual composer, and new elements I make using visual composer work, but then cannot be seen by visual composer, only via the wordpress text editor.

    Please can I have the latest version of visual composer for Polytechic.?

    Many thanks


  •   Charles replied privately
  • Larzemodo replied

    Hi Charles,

    Unfortunately, this is still a problem even after upgrading to the new version of VC.

    I'm running PHP 7.2.1

    VC version now shows 5.4.5

    Can you suggest how to fix ?

    It's the backend editor that wont show the VC content, it shows content on the front end.

    Many thanks


  • Larzemodo replied

    An update,

    I tried disabling all plugins apart from WPBakery visual composer, but still my content can only be seen in the front end editor.

    Was just ruling out other plugins causing a conflict.


  • Larzemodo replied

    Ahh I found the below..

    I think I need version 5.4.6 or above and I should be good.

    Could you send 5.4.6 or above ?

    Many thanks Charles


    07.03.2018 - ver 5.4.6

    - Update: Compatibility with PHP 7.2 added
    - Update: Compatibility filters for WP Toolset added
    - Update: French translation updated
    - Update: Persian translation updated

  •   Charles replied privately