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Sidebar disappearing below slider


  • srajax started the conversation

    I have a slider at the top of the page. When the page template is set to right sidebar - the sidebar contents go underneath the slider and so part of it is not shown.

    Please let me know how I can have the slider section as full width and then the content below with a right sidebar that does not interfere with the top section.

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    Charles replied

    Hi There,

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, this specific use-case is not supported or advertised. You could add your sidebar with Visual Composer, using the Row Column structure, and adding the Widgetized Sidebar module to the column dedicated to that sidebar. 

    Another option is to use some css or js to modify this and isolate the rule to this specific page or to create a custom page template in a child theme and manually add your slider to the top of the content area, but these customizations fall beyond the scope of support.

    Kind Regards,

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