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  • Chino started the conversation

    How do I setup and use the "Give" plugin so that our members can start giving online? Is there something we need to do to allow members to give to multiple causes within one transaction, and, how do we setup the secured checkout...everything else is coming together but the giving is vital. Please advise.

    FYI: Our URL is current parked in staging mode.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Chino,

    Start with the base documentation included with the theme: 

    Part 4. Give & Donations 

    Powered by the Give – WordPress Donation Plugin, you now have the most robust WordPress system available for accepting donations. On top of that, we’ve extended this plugin to work even better with this theme. We’re maintaining all of their base functionality – and including some cool extensions that we use in our own projects. 

    We’re also including a custom Visual Composer module to make this even easier. Just add the Give Item module and select one of your give forms from the dropdown. Then, if you want, you can use the extra included options to customize this module further.

    Adding a New Donation Form

    Adding a new donation form is easy! Just navigate to Donations > Add Form to add a new donation form.  Donation Options provide options specific to donating (like type of donation & setting a goal). Form Content is a simple toggle to display the content field/option on the backend and frontend. Form Display Options Focus on how the user interacts with the form. For example, revealing the payment options after clicking a button, the text on the donate button. At the top right, you’ll notice that the form also generates a shortcode along with their own provided shortcodes in most text editors.  
    From there, you also have a Visual Composer module – which allows the ability to add a form with Visual Composer and also provides additional options that extends the give forms functionality (like opening the donation form in a lightbox). 

    You can find indepth documentation on the Give plugin here: 



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    There are also some tutorials and videos out there with a quick google search.

    The base functionality for this plugin is 100% native, so their docs are going to be the best guide for setting up their plugin. From there, the theme supports this plugin with page template, visual composer modules, and general styles.

    If you still need help with something specific, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,