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CSS error on mobile menu


  • Intertrafor started the conversation

    Hi, I have a problem with your theme, when I import all demo data the mobile menu button is visible all time on the top right corner. I was investigating and I found a css problem, all CSS from menu has max-width:8000px placed with inline-code, and I don't know how can i change that.

    ¿Can you tell me how can I change that config or remove it? ¡Thanks!

  • Intertrafor replied

    Ok I solve it, but now the mobile menu and button is not the same that the demo content, how can import it?

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    Charles replied

    Hi Jose,

    First, you'll want to reference 3.4 in the provided documentation to import the Responsive Menu Skin. That plugin had a recent update, so 3.4.1 just needs to be updated from: 

    • Responsive Menu > Import/Export (tab) > Import

    It should be: 

    • Responsive Menu > Technical (tab) > scroll down to the "Transfer" section > and use the "Import" option here. 

    All of the other documented steps should be the same.

    If you still need the included documentation - check out this article, Downloading, Extracting, and Included Resources

    Let me know if that helps.