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Walker Mobile Menu Error Lines


  • tspony started the conversation

    I've updated to the latest WordPress edition, all the plugins, and reinstalled the theme, but unfortunately, I can not correct the errors that are showing up at the top of the page. Could you please advise?


  • tspony replied

    Just wanted to follow-up - I followed your instructions from this post:


    But it still wasn't working. However, when I downgraded the PHP to 5.6 from 7, it did! Apparently, version 7 is not compatible at this point. 

    I'm all set, thanks for a great theme!

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    Charles replied

    Hi Amanda, 

    Thanks for the heads up, and for the update. By chance do you have a screenshot of the errors that we're thrown? I'll plan on adding this to an upcoming sprint to take a look at this to see what the issue might be. 

    Kind Regards,