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  • la239707 started the conversation

    The users photos are uploaded in each profile, but not displaying on the staff directory page. Please assist.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Lynsey,

    Thanks of the question. 

    First, run through the Standard Troubleshooting Steps to ensure that there isn't some other conflict going on here.

    From there, you might consider the URL option, and copy/paste the url from your Media Library. 

    Beyond that, the upload option is working on the demo and my testing sites, so I will need more information to be able to help: 

    READ ME | Filing A Ticket

    Kind Regards,

  • la239707 replied

    There is a photo uploaded to the users section on the dashboard (see users attachment) but no photo is showing on the page where the user is on (see staff directory).

    Attached files:  Users.PNG
      Staff Directory Page.PNG

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    Charles replied

    Thanks, the screenshots help. Looks like there is something going on, since the button is not complete. I'll need to look into this. That said, I tested this use case with a new user and it's working fine on my end. I also don't have any other reports of this at this time. 

    With that, while I look into this, can you confirm you run through the Standard Troubleshooting Steps? I still see other non-theme-included plugins activate on your site, both in that screenshot and in the source. To be clear, this is required for me to be able to provide support if I cannot replicate the issue on my test installs.