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Demo look


  • mohsan559 started the conversation

    if you can please assist me how my site will look like as demo ? 

  • mohsan559 replied

    Error: slider_export.txt does not exist! any solution please 

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    Charles replied

    Hi mohsan559, 

    First, I recommend running through these Standard Troubleshooting Steps if you haven't already - Standard Troubleshooting Steps.

    From there, I need some additional information, specifically steps to replicate so I can test the process that you are doing. If you are following the exact steps in the documentation, then please provide these and the slider.zip that you are using.

    File a Support Request

    Beyond that, after you have provided confirmation that you have run through those STS and steps to replicate, I'm happy to take a quick look to see I can import the slider. You will need to provide temporary credentials and confirmation that you have backed up your site, as this reaches beyond the scope of support.

    Kind Regards,

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