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    Douglas Kinney started the conversation

    I think there something may be wrong with the media board plug in.  I am following the instructions in the documentation section. When I go to sermons, is it supposed to look like the screen below which is in the Documentation Section? My screen looks different. Either way, I can't get the sermons players to work even though I am following the instructions. I set it up, loaded the audio, but when I hit view there is no player just a blank page with the title of the sermon and other data but no player. 

    Adding Sermons

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    Charles replied

    Hi Douglas, 

    Thanks for documenting this. I posted a response to your other ticket and I apologize for the delay.

    Based on the information I have, this is working on all testing and demo sites running this plugin/theme. I'm curious, did this ever work on your site... Or has it never worked? This could be a configuration issue, or something related to your PHP version (https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/), but it's more likely a non-theme-included plugin or alteration that is causing this.

    The Backend view differences are likely something simple like not having Visual Composer enabled on sermons. The layout of these pages are also able to be modified in WordPress.

    That said, non of your sermons are displaying correctly on the Frontend. I posted steps to follow on your other ticket (https://themeisland.ticksy.com/ticket/1382133/), and I am happy to dig deeper if those steps do not fix the issue.

    I can definitely say that Jetpack should always be deactivated if you have any issues, since this one plugin is actually a collection of 50+ plugins and scripts. You have some other non-theme-included plugins running also, so first, let's limit potential external influences and get this working. Then you can add plugins back in one-by-one to see where the conflict lies. 

    I appreciate your patience, and as I mentioned, please include those additional items on your other ticket and I will happily dig into why this is not working for you.

    Kind Regards,

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    Douglas Kinney replied

    It has never worked. I have not added any plug ins except the ones recommended nor have I changed the theme at all by adding anything. I'm not sure what the non themed plug-ins are. Would those be any plugins not created by you or Passage? I just tried to load the visual composer zip file you sent but I got the message that the file already exists. I'm thinking of starting over and reloading the theme and reloading the demo file. What do you think?

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