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    I tried to activate the WPBakery Page Builder by clicking the button on the Activate Visual Composer Template Library page.

    I got redirected to http://support.wpbakery.com/activate-license saying there were no licences found.

    I was under the impression that bundled plugins with bought Template were already activated.

    Thank you for looking into this matter.



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    Charles replied

    Hi Milijan,

    Thanks for the question. The theme bundles/includes this plugin and it's base feature set that is advertised in the demo. You should not need a license to use it's standard/native functionality. 

    That said, they include additional functionality with a standalone license, like automatic updates and any other specific features - but this is not required to use this plugin as it is used with this theme. 

    So, with that, can you include a screenshot and a walkthrough of where you are seeing this button. It sounds like they have a Template Library of pre-built pages that you can access at any time, which is not necessary to use this plugin with the theme. 

    Here is an article regarding this:


    Let me know if that helps and if you still have issues or questions with this plugin, please include some additional information for me to be able to help: 


    Kind Regards,