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Link Styles in paragraphs


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    AportaComunicacion started the conversation

    Hi Charlie,

    I am working with the theme and love it, but I find a little problem with the link styling in simple paragraphs. As you can see in http://www.probasder.udc.es/mobilidade-internacional/alumnos-estranxeiros/ I have buttons, which are great, but I have simple text links too that does not stand out enough. They have a nice style when mouse over but until you do that it is exactly the same as the regular text with no links.

    Do you think it would be possible to provide some CSS that make a nice style when the link is not being mouse over? something like the screenshot would be great, with bold text and green color? Or maybe some background color, don´t know exactly...

    I´ve tried to write some CSS myself and worked, but it affected the entire site: sidebars, menu items....

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards

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    Charles replied

    Hi AP,

    I put together some css for you, but had issues with posting my response over the weekend. Looks like ticksy is back up, so I’ll get that to you tonight (pst). Sorry for the delay.


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    Charles replied

    Prior response that did not go through: 

    = = = = 

    Hi AC,

    I see what you mean... Try adding this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS (or to your child theme stylesheet):

    #section-content #primary .vc_row p a {
    font-weight: bold;

    #section-content will isolate this to the primary/secondary content areas. #primary will exclude the secondary/sidebar area. And vc_row p a will isolate this to all anchors in a paragraph built by visual composer.

    From there, you can override the color with "color: #2ab093" but with that, you may also want to add a rule for the anchor hover state (a:hover) for that mouse over effect.

    Let me know if that helps.
    Kind regards,

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    AportaComunicacion replied

    Hi Charlie,

    Sorry for the delay, lots of work this weeks... Your CSS worked perfectly in my site, I appreciate your effort very much,

    Thanks and kind regards!