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Pre Footer Image


  • la239707 started the conversation

    Why is the pre footer image displaying as if there is a negative margin and how do I fix it so it looks like the demo page with the thanks about the pre footer image?

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    Charles replied

    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I️ received your support request and will take a look at this when I️ get back into town. Posting this response in case you did not see the system update to ensure there is visibility. 

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    Charles replied

    Hi There, 

    If you are attempting to replicate the demo, leave Pre-Footer Image blank, and add your image to the Pre-Footer Blurb like this: 

    Thanks for Visiting
    <img src="http://passage.themeisland.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2016/07/Logo_02.png" style="width: 170px;margin-top: 10px" alt="pre-footer-image">

    The Passage Theme is not utilizing the Pre-Footer Image option in the demo. If you'd like to see a use case for this option, check out the demo of Polytechnic, which adds a small white diamond/image to this option: 


    Kind Regards,