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Give-Forms, Button-Styling and translation


  • vertical01 started the conversation


    thanks a lot for your last input to a prior ticket. I came a bit further with building up the site. 

    Now I have the following questions:

    1.) Layer form after click on "donate now"-Button in the post
    I created posts for the projects and there I included the GIVE-Item from the Visual composer. For example at the following post:

    But when you click on the "Donate Now" button, then a form opens where you can't change the value.

    When you open the normal give-form and click on "donate now" - for example here:
    then a form opens where you can edit the value and also see also the other options which created in the give form (e.g. selection between 10€, 50€, 100€ or a custom value)

    >> How can I show the layer, which is behind the normal give form, after click on "donate now" on the page "http://test.thelifetoshare.de/brunnen-fuer-indien" ?

    2.) Style for Donation-Buttons

    When using the parameter for adding the Donate-Button: [give_form id="9649" display_style="button"], also the form opens - maybe something in the code needs to be changed, that this form opens.
    But now a question regarding styling. When adding that button somewhere to the page, what is the css-class-name that it shows up, like the normal donate-buttons (like the purple one at the page).

    (e.g. on the page http://test.thelifetoshare.de/bau-von-toiletten at the very bottom "Jetzt spenden")

    3.) Translation

    on the page "http://test.thelifetoshare.de/home-2" I have a news-part "AKTUELLE PROJEKTBERICHTE", where I used the visual composer-modul "Grid Posts". There the translation is not shown in german at the Moment. Where can I change the translations for these moduls?

    Attached files:  Question 1 - 2017-10-10 17_14_58-2017-09-07 16_50_54-Adopt a Village_ Clean Water – TheLifeToShare_Passage_correc.png
      Question 1 - 2017-09-07 16_12_22-Indien – Brunnen für Indien_ Sauberes Wasser – TheLifeToShare_Passage_wrong-donation-layer.png
      Question 2 - 2017-10-10 17_19_50-Bau von Toiletten – The Life To Share.png
      Question 3 - 2017-09-07 17_04_47-Home-2 – TheLifeToShare_Passage_translation.png

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    Charles replied

    Hi Vertical01, 

    01 - Give Form: I'm looking into this and will be adding some tasks to my backlog. In the mean time, please confirm the versions that you are running for the following: 

    Passage (theme)

    Passage Addons (plugin)

    Give (plugin)

    02 - Give Buttons: This customization should be doable with some custom css. For example, you might start by adding this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS to see if that helps: 

    .give-btn.give-btn-modal {    border: 0px solid transparent;    box-shadow: 3px 3px 0 #dfdfdf;    color: #fff;    transition: .3s ease all;    font-weight: 700;    text-transform: uppercase;    padding: 11px 30px;    background-color: #ad2090;
    .give-btn.give-btn-modal:hover {    background-color: #1e73be;

    If not, I can try to help if you can provide some additional information.

    03 - Grid Translation: What is MPC (it's in the markup)? A different plugin like Massive Addons? If this is grid is built with a different plugin, you'll want to reach out to them for support for this. If I am overlooking something please feel free to include some additional information. To be clear, though, I can't support a plugin not included with the theme, so I recommend deactivating all non-theme-included plugins to see if you are still having issues. If you are, please provide some additional insight regarding exactly how this is being built so I can test this on my dev environment. 


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  • vertical01 replied

    01 - Give Form:
    Here the versions:

    Version: 2.0 (it's the child theme)
    PassageVersion: 1.0.5 (it's the core theme i have installed)

    Passage Addons (plugin):
    Version 1.0.3

    Give (plugin):
    Version 1.8.13

    02 - Give Buttons:
    Perfect - thanks a lot. That worked!

    03 - Grid Translation:
    it is the plugin "Massive Addons for Visual Composer". Ok, i try to contact them.

    Would be perfect if we can find a solution for the first point.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Charles replied

    Hi Michael, 

    I'm submitting an update to TF right now that includes a patch for this. Download the "All files and documentation" option to download the latest theme and plugins: 

    VERSION 1.0.6
    - FIXED: Blog full-width, layout and max post length
    - FIXED: Missing arrows on Revolution Slider
    - UPDATED: Give single-give-form.php (Give mfp form)
    - UPDATED: Give theme-4-plugins.css (mfp styles)
    - UPDATED: Plugin - Passage Addons to v.1.0.6 (VC - Give Item, mfp form)
    - UPDATED: Plugin - WPBakery Visual Composer 5.4.2
    - UPDATED: Plugin - Revolution Slider

    The plugins can be found in the Resources > Plugins folder. Backup your installation, then update your theme and plugins and let me know if that fixes the issue for you.


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