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Design of GIVE-Forms


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    I have some questions regarding the design of the give forms:

    Detailed Page (see attached screenshot - I took the page from your demo: http://passage.themeisland.net/adopt-a-village-agriculture-food-security/):

    1. Where can I change the text for the subheader (see attached screenshot)

    2. How can I add these informations to the forms, that they show up automatically. Do have an code for that?

    3. The CTA-Buttontext will not be shown at the detailed page, although I entered a custom text in the settings. Or do I need to change this text somewhere else?

    4. How can i make contents like these? Is it possible to use Visual Composer for the GIVE-Forms like on normal pages?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Charles replied

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the questions. First, let me clarify a couple things. The link referenced is a Post, with the Give-Item module added to it. So, the structure, layout, and content are all controlled via the post. See screenshot. Next, the Donation form needs to be built/configured - then added to the post via the Give-Item module via Visual Composer. Further, when referencing elements, to reduce confusion you want to stick with Post, Donation Form, Page... each of these function differently.

    01 - This is the Post Breadcrumbs section. You can toggle this On or Off for all posts in Appearance > Theme Options > Post Options. If you want this to be custom text, you'll need to configure that in a child theme.

    02 - This is the Post Meta section. You can toggle this On or Off for all posts in Appearance > Theme Options > Post Options. If you want to add this to something specific, I'd need a url to see if it's already provisioned for. If not, you'd need to configure this in a child theme.

    03 - There are two places that control this button. The first is in the Donation Form it's self. The second is how you are adding it. In this example, you'd configure this button in the Give-Item module via Visual Composer.

    04 - That content was built with Visual Composer on a Post. If you want to use Visual Composer on the Donation Form, then the Give Plugin would need to provision for Visual Composer to allow for their content editor to be replaced with Visual Composer (my understanding is that it is not). There are ways around this, but from a theme stance, I add this Donation Form to the Post to give more control with the content surrounding the form it's self.

    In regards to pages, yes, the Give-Item can be added to Pages - just like how it's added to a Post in this example.

    Let me know if you still have questions.

    Best Regards,

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