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Polytechinic Visual composer out of date


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    Jim started the conversation


    I'm getting an  Infinite loading icon when going to visual editor in visual composer.

    I've tried updating the Polytechnic theme. I've tried disabling other plugins. I've even read all your documentation that says there's no need to purchase a licence or update the visual composer plugin - https://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/1860/

    However as nothing was working I've purchased the actual updated visual composer plugin to get a proper licence code for support from the plugin author. However it still does not work.

    I've contacted the visual plugin author and he says:


    The issue is because you are using an older version of visual composer which is 4.6.2 and should update it to the latest version which is 5.2. You need to deactivate and delete the older version of the plugin from theme and then install the standalone version which is purchased by you. However, I would also suggest you to re-confirm the same with the theme author before proceeding, because if he has done any changes to the core plugin files, then they will be lost during this process, which in-turn might affect the content/layout at your end.

    Thank you,


    I've tried doing the above (deleting the old version and adding the new) but it crashes the site. I've reinstated it back.

    Can you please advise what to do? Thanks.

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    Jim replied

    Just to add to this - I've tried to update the theme too. I've purchased a renewal licence. However, to use the updated file, do I delete all the current Polytechnic theme files and then re-upload? Or is that a bad idea?

    Would uploading the latest version of Polytechnic even resolve this issue with the visual composer? Please advise. Thanks.

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    Charles replied

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the question.

    Theme/Plugin Linkage: The theme and plugin are separate files/directories and are not linked to each other via the theme (so that if you purchase a standalone copy of VC it can be used/updated as you please).

    Here are the details regarding the latest copy of Polytechnic:

    Version 1.3.5
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 5.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.4.1
    - Fixed: SSL for GoogleFonts

    Updates Provided via TF: Downloading the latest "All files and documentation" option from Themeforest will include these updates (ie. in Resources/Plugins and Theme Files or Theme Zip - see screenshot). Then, you just need to update these individually (plugin and theme) via FTP (unzipping any compressed folders and uploading/replacing the original directories with the new directories).

    I should note here that unzipping may nest the directory into another folder, so when uploading/replacing - ensure that you are using the parent directory closest to the core files ... for example if it's js_composer/js_composer/files, you'd upload the bold folder).

    Updating VC with Standalone License: If you have purchased a standalone license for VC, then you can use that to auto-update the plugin by registering your copy via Visual Composer >> Product License in the WP admin. Then use their documentation for updating this plugin.

    Backing up: Finally, I highly recommend you back up your site either using a service through your host (ie. WP Engine includes a one-click backup/restore with all of their installations) or using a plugin like Backup Buddy or UpdraftPlus or doing this manually. This is your responsibility, so I cannot support or be liable if something goes wrong or is done incorrectly. This will reduce any concerns or fear with the update process.

    Issue & Reporting Theme Specific Bugs: If you are still having an issue after these Standard Troubleshooting Steps (note this includes deactivating non-theme-included 3rd party plugins), then I need some clarity to be able to replicate this issue on my end - File a Support Request

    There is some more documentation on this subject here:

    For more information on updates and changes made, feel free to check out the Polytechnic | Update Log

    Kind Regards,

    Support Policy | Articles | Standard Troubleshooting Steps | File a Support Request

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    Jim replied

    Fab - thanks for the advice. All updated via FTP and all working!