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Fixing home page slider


  • Daniel started the conversation

    Hi, I am working on a test site to update to Campus 3.2.2.  Our live site is using 3.1.24 (www.zmi.edu).  The main problem is the new Rev Slider 5.4.1 is making our home page slider to be full width.

    Any idea how I can make the slide to be fixed-width as it used to be?  I noticed that the theme demo still has a fixed-width home page slider.  Is this using Rev Slider 5.4.1?

    Thanks very much,

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    Charles replied

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the question. Navigate to your Home Page and ensure that the "Slider Shortcode Container" is set to "Fixed Width" and save. This option has been updated so you may just need to reset this.

    Beyond that, I'd need some additional information to be able to help out - File a Support Request

    Kind Regards,

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