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Responsive Menu v.3.0+

Hey everyone,

I rolled out a significant update in the theme (v.1.3.2) that should help with this latest version of the Responsive Menu plugin (v.3.0+). I have some other notes regarding the currently included Responsive Menu plugin also, so let's see if this helps: 

00 - The Responsive Menu plugin that's being included in the theme recently had a major update. This major update has made changes to the plugins backend, options, front-end display, etc. Because of this, there are some things to be aware of including: PHP versions, theme version, and plugin version.

01 - If you want to use the Responsive Menu included in the theme, and you're having issues with the plugin, I recommend making sure that you are meeting these WordPress Requirements

PHP 5.6 or greater
MySQL 5.6 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module


I mention this because (although the theme may run fine on older versions) all new code is using these WP standards. This plugin has a noted conflict with older php versions - so just a heads up. (Note, the plugin author has indicated PHP v.5.4+ work - and I have users using 5.5.24 with no issues).

02 - (Optional) In case you don't want to use this "Responsive Menu" plugin, or in case your host wont update your php version - then you're more than welcome to use another plugin that will work for you. I included this plugin in a way that gives users an easy way to swap out, just in case you want'/need to go that route. 

03 - Next, If you are all good with the Responsive Menu plugin included in the theme and your setup/php is up to date - then I recommend updating the theme to the 1.3.2 version (this includes some necessary code to support the latest 3.0 versions of the Responsive Menu plugin). 

04 - Then, you'll want to update the Responsive Menu plugin to the latest version. You'll notice some changes to the backend panels - and to the front end display. Not to worry, I've gone through several hours of testing for this new version and have you covered. 

05 - I'm also now including a new Responsive-Menu-Skin file (along with updated documentation) that provides the ability to copy what's being used in the demo, and customize it further if you choose. Check out part 3.4 and 4 - Mobile Menu in the documentation file for updates regarding this.

From there, my recommendation is to set all menus from the backend (not Appearance > Customize).

= = = = =

In summary: 

  • Navigate to ThemeForest > Downloads and download the "All files and documentation" option to make sure you have all needed assets (theme, documentation, and menu-skin).
  • Update the theme to v.1.3.2
  • Update the plugin to v.3.0+
  • Make sure you have a PHP version of 5.6 or greater
  • Import the new Responsive-Menu-Skin (based on the latest v.0.6 Documentation file)

Let me know if that helps! Charlie