500 Internal Server Errors

500 Internal Server Errors can happen for a wide range of reasons. To troubleshoot this, here are some steps that you'll want to focus in on:

00 - Additional Information and Troubleshooting Causes: What are some details surrounding the event. Anything changed, worked on, added, edited, etc. when this happened? The details are important and can help skip a lot of steps/headache when running through troubleshooting and diagnosing possible issues and solutions.

01 - Error Log and Hosting Service: From there, the error should be recorded in your error log through your hosting service. You can usually access this log via their panel, but I recommend touching base with your hosting service to see if they can provide some insight and help regarding this issue.

02 - Setup, Theme and Plugins: Beyond that, once you have a better idea of what might have caused this - you can start running through some Standard Troubleshooting Steps - but we recommend backing up first. The idea here is to get back to basics. I don't have any other reports of this, so to be able to report a bug, you'll need to first make sure that you are running the stock demo/install. If there is something specific with the theme or any included plugins, these steps should clear anything coming from them.

03 - WordPress and Server/Setup: If you are still having issues, there are some additional steps that you can take. Some are known causes/fixes, and some are just things that we've seen over the years with WP:

  • Purge server cache and clear browser history
  • Try using a fresh/stock .htaccess (in case this files been corrupted or some custom rule has contributed)
  • Increase your limits via ini.php
  • Increase your limits via wp-config
  • Flush permalinks. I've seen this work also - set permalinks to default > save > back to a custom setting > save > and repeat a couple times

04 - Bug Reporting: Those steps should provide a ton of information, so if these steps don't result in an actual fix, then please pass this info along to us (and your hosting service) so that we can consider possible bugs within the theme or included plugins.

05 - Bug Reporting Details: The last thing that you can do is to activate a default WP theme (ie. Twenty Fourteen) > navigate to Plugins > Deactivate all plugins. Does the issue persist? Now activate the theme in question (don't activate any plugins). Does the issue persist? Now activate each plugin (one by one). If this is a plugin conflict, this will ensure you find exactly what plugin is causing the issue :)

If you run into any questions along the way, or need any additional help - please let me know. I am more than happy to take a quick look and help out with anything on our end. Most of the time, this is a setup issue and beyond the scope of our support (since we can't usually help with setup issues) but I want you to know you are supported and I enjoy going above and beyond for you guys :)

Keep me posted with your progress,


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