How to Update Premium Plugins

So, you want the awesome new features, patches, and updated plugin files?! Updating these is super easy. Just in case, we're providing some additional information surrounding the subject here as well as the basic steps.

Get The Latest Included Plugin Version(s)

We're actually including Premium Plugin updates in the theme-download-package/Resources folder. For more information on accessing these files, check out this link that walks through downloading and extracting the theme-download package: Downloading, Extracting, and Included Resources

Quick Note About Premium Plugins

Premium Plugins are awesome, but since we are including them via a developers license - we unfortunately cannot provide the ability to update these plugins automatically. The following Premium Plugins are most commonly used in our themes:

  • Visual Composer (js_composer)
  • Revolution Slider (revslider)
  • Polytechnic Courses
  • Passage Addons
  • MediaBoard

This documentation was added to help you get those plugins that don't update automatically with theme updates, updated quickly.


Method 01 - Quick and Easy Method (does not work for every install)

  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > and install/activate the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
  • Then navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  • Finally, use the newly added prompt to backup and upload your premium plugin. Premium plugin updates can be found in the theme download package (Resources/Premium Plugin Update folder).

Method 02 - FTP Upload: This method is ideal for users that have access to an FTP Connection and would like to simply override the existing plugin files. This is my personal favorite since it gives you control, and you can back up the original plugin prior to updating/overriding.

  • Process - First, grab the latest copy of the premium plugin included with the theme-download-package. This can be found in the Resources\Plugins folder of the theme-download package. See Downloading, Extracting, and Included Resources for more information. 
  • Then, extract the plugin files from the plugin zip folder (you'll be uploading the un-zipped folder). Note: Depending on your extraction method, this may nest the folder inside of a new folder. Just be aware that the folder that you want to upload is the folder closest to the files, not the shell if extraction creates one.
  • Next, navigate to your FTP connection, highlight plugin folder that you extracted (ie. js_composer) and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder (be sure to override all of the old files). Then navigate to your WordPress Admin > Plugins panel > find the plugin > and select Activate

Author Documented Methods

The following are the current recommended ways to update the plugins (included in this theme - that don't update automatically) as indicated by the plugin authors themselves. They first suggest the FTP Method, but also include these following methods. These steps assume that you have downloaded the latest version/update of the theme from Themeforest.net

Method 03 - Visual Composer - Theme Update Method: This method is the old/legacy way of updating plugins/themes and is provided as additional information since this is still considered an option in some situations.

  • Process - Activate another theme (ie. Twenty Twelve) > Deactivate and delete the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin > Upload and Activate the Updated Version of the Theme > and install the updated plugin using the prompt at the top.

Method 03 - Revolution Slider - Admin Panel: This method is ideal for users that want to update via their WP admin panel.

  • Process - Navigate to the main Revolution Slider panel > Click Update Plugin at the bottom right > Click Browse_ > navigate to the updated plugin (See Method 01) and select the rev_slider.zip file. Then click update.

Backing Up

Don't forget to start by creating a backup of your site (including plugins/content/widgets/etc.) just in case, so you don't accidentally lose anything. We have an example video on this process here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFCIga474Xc&featur...

If you are using something like WP Engine you should be able to just create a Manual Restore Point, but backing up is essential when doing updates.

If you run into any issues or find a plugin that has an update not included with the theme, please let us know here: http://themeisland.ticksy.com/

For more information on Premium Plugins:


Charles Jones