READ ME | Standard Troubleshooting Steps:

This will ensure that you are working with the same versions that we are, and that everyone is on the same page when we dig in to help out. 

Note: Stock = unaltered (no additions, customizations, child-themes, or modifications).

Note: 95% of all issues can be fixed with with Step 1 -

1. Theme, Plugins and Customizations: 

2. Download & Upload (again): 

  • Navigate to ThemeForest > Account > Downloads
  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection with limited applications running in the background
  • Re-download and re-upoad a fresh/stock/updated copy of the theme. 

This step ensures that you're not working with possible corrupt files from a limited internet connection (via bandwidth or other running applications) at the time of download/upload. 

3. Update/Re-Install WordPress.


*Note that we only support the latest version stock theme files that come with in the download package.

*Note that we don't support customizations beyond what is included with the theme. If you need help with something basic or have an option not working, please let us know. For more information on our Support Policy

*Note that we don't support third-party plugins beyond those that we officially recommend with each theme (check your Theme Options panel and/or Documentation file for the full list).