Premium Plugins FAQ: Do I need a license code? Need the latest version? Support?

Hi All!

Here are a few FAQs on updating theme included Premium Plugins.

Quick Note:

These plugins were included as helpful tools to enhance the usability of basic WordPress features of the theme itself. With that said, if you would like to have access to more than the basic usage (auto update, support, etc.) we recommend purchasing a Regular License and dealing directly with the plugin author. For example: We do provide updates to these plugins in our theme updates, but if you would like to update these plugins more often than our theme updates provide, we suggest considering purchasing a standalone license satisfy this need.

Do I need to purchase a standalone license to get updates?

No, purchasing a standalone license is not necessary since we have purchased a developer's license for you. Our license agreement includes a working version of the plugin that is known to work well with the theme, and does not require a license code to be used.

Do I need a License Key to use the included premium plugins?

No, a license code is not necessary to use the plugin included with the theme. With that said, if you would like automatic updates for these premium plugins, then you might consider purchasing a license key/standalone license from them.

It says there is an update available?

We release updates for Theme Included Premium Plugins with our "theme updates" based on stability, testing, and new features. Many times we'll hold off on a plugin update to protect our users from possible issues that can arise until we get a chance to thoroughly test out the update. This means that there will almost always be an update available, but the included version is provided because it works great.

How can I get the latest update without purchasing a standalone license?

If your theme comes with a premium plugin, and you want to update one of these (like the js_composer - aka Visual Composer plugin) further than what is included in the theme without purchasing a standalone license - we can provide you with updates here. Just file a new Private ticket with your Purchase Code for licensing reasons and we can include the updates.

Note: Newer versions will be considered beta until I have a chance to test them out, so if you run into issues please let me know. If you run into any issues with this new version, we need to recommend using the previous version included with the theme.

How can I get automatic updates to premium plugins?

We would like the capability to offer theme users to also get automatic premium plugin updates, but because of our license agreement, we are limited to what we can do in regards to distributing the Visual Composer Plugin. This means that automatic updates to these premium plugins are not included with the theme.

With that said, we understand some users may want to roadmap their own updates based on their own timelines. If you would like to automate the process (get automatic free updates on your own) you are going to need to purchase a standalone regular license from WPBakery for their Visual Composer plugin to obtain a license code to insert into their options.

I'm using a newer version of a premium plugin than what's included with the theme, but I'm having issues - can you help?

If you are running into an issue with a newer version of a plugin, please let us know so that we can include these notes in our testing, but we can only support what's included with the theme. If you are having issues with the included version, please let us know! We are committed to having our themes work great for you guys and gals!

I'm trying to build custom content with this plugin but I'm running into questions and possible issues - can you help?

We provide basic support for standard usages for these plugins (as provided in their own demos). We include the Demo-Content.XML file to provide all pre-built content included in the demo. If you haven't already, we recommend starting there.

Beyond that, you're welcome to build out custom content - but if you run into technical questions, we recommend referring to their provided documentation and touching base with the plugin author for direct help.

How do I get informed when there is an update available?

Themeforest sends out an email to the purchasing user's email when our theme updates are made public on their marketplace. We also post all of our updates and update log(s) on the product page. You can also follow us on Themeforest.

My host says that there is a Vulnerability in the version of Revolution Slider that I'm running? We've updated our themes and all of it's plugins since this vulnerability about Revolution Slider was made public. If your slider is under the 4.2.0 version we recommend updating as soon as possible. For some themes, we are including the 4.6.0 version - and we plan on releasing another update to 4.6.5 in the near future but for now 4.6.0 is safe, reliable, tested, and being used on our own demo in case your concerned about this version ;)

So how do I update these premium plugins if it's not automatic?

We are including the standalone versions of these plugins in the theme-download-package\Resources\Premium Plugins Updates folder and a PDF on how to do this with in the primary folder level so it's not missed. Just in case though, I'll include this PDF here, but you'll need to download the latest package from themeforest. There is documentation included with the theme-download-package, but to help out we've put together this FAQ on the basic process: