Studio Update: Hi Everyone! I'm back and working on some new projects. I'm still supporting my other themes, though, so if you run into a bug report or question not covered in the documentation or under the articles section of this support forum - please let me know.

Fun fact: 9 out of 10 tickets don't have enough information for us to help! That means more work for us and longer wait time for you. Please, help us help you. Read the following and include 01 - 05 (below).


Hi Everyone and Happy Summer!

We support basic theme questions & bug reports. We are also currently accepting feature requests.

We don't ever support customization requests, new or modified functionality, plugin integrations, hosting issues, themeforest account issues, etc.

So what does this mean?

This means that if you are experiencing issues, to first make sure your install is (required):

  1. Up-to-date: Running the latest/updated theme, plugins, & WP version
  2. Stock: Unaltered theme files and all non-theme-included plugins deactivated

These steps are necessary for us to be able to help: Standard Troubleshooting Steps


If you have multiple questions please open individual tickets to help expedite your tickets.


From there, if you are still have a bug that you would like to report, please include the following:

01: An active URL to the element(s) in question. (If you're working on localhost, unless its a known issue, unfortunately it's hard for us to help unless we can see a live example

02: Screenshot(s) or screencast to help illustrate the issue

03: A walkthough on "how to replicate this issue" on our end

04: An endgoal of what you would like to achieve and/or what you would like us to do (for example "fix it" isn't always applicable)

05: A temporary login if necessary (as a private ticket or as a private response to a public ticket) so that we can further diagnose the issue


Don't forget to re-read your ticket! If it doesn't make sense to you, it won't make sense to us ; )


Quick Links

Support Policy: http://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/1455

Updating: http://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/1859

Premium Plugins: http://themeisland.ticksy.com/article/1860


Additional Information:

We do our best to answer all tickets within two business days. You're information from the checklist above will help us help you faster. If it appears the issue is plugin-related, we may kindly ask that you contact the author of your plugin/code for support. Each time you post, your ticket will get sent to the bottom of the queue, so it's best to wait for a response before posting again to ensure your ticket is answered as fast as possible.

Cheers! Charlie

Public Tickets

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